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The Fell Store are proud to stock these amazing pegs. "Our patented and design protected DELTA GROUND ANCHORS are an innovative tent peg and effective method of securing your tent..Delta Ground Anchors have many distinct advantages over conventional tent pegs, including an increased surface area for resistance and a remote point of attachment to minimise leverage..The rigidity and the durability of both our stainless steel tent pegs and nylon composite tent pegs ensures easy insertion and extraction time and time again. .Our yellow Delta ® pegs are made from super tough nylon composite material. They are extremely effective tent pegs...

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Gift Guide for Outdoor lovers . Finding the perfect Christmas gift for lovers of the outdoors should be a pleasure, not a chore. To help you with this we have put together some of our favourite products that we are sure your adventure loving friends and family will love. . So make yourself a nice warm brew, get your feet up and enjoy browsing our pick of gifts for adventure lovers that support independent businesses along the way. . Coffee bags  . Nothing quite beats a nice warm coffee on a cold winters hike. Whether you are conquering a mountain...

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The Croft Collection.   Keeping warm has been a human necessity since the dawn of time. An essential for many explorers.  In the famous words of Alfred Wainwright "There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing."  We are all familiar with layering up and down as the weather changes on our adventures. One of the easiest ways to keep warm is the trusted bobble hat. Kept in a pocket, tucked in the front or stuffed in the top of your bag, there aren’t many who would be without one.   WHY WOOL?   We have been using wool since...

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