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Journal, brain dump, scrap book, bullet journal whichever way you choose to let your creative side out by putting pen to paper, nature gives you all the inspiration and opportunity you need!   You could spend a lifetime reading studies on how nature, mindfulness, gratitude and creativity can help improve our general wellbeing. We all know the feeling that being in nature brings us. Recording that wonderful feeling can only be a good thing right?! Journaling has many benefits: Improve memory Improve Concentration levels Relieve Stress Makes us aware of being in the present moment Enhances our creativity Improves focus...

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"Whether you're new to wild adventures, or a seasoned explorer looking for something different. Or if you're anywhere in-between, we've got a unique wild adventure to inspire everyone! .We welcome solo adventurers keen to share an experience with like-minded people, and we host adventures for groups too. So whether you're a family, a work team, a bunch of mates, or any kind of group we'd love to support your wild adventure and inspire your tribe.  We also love working with schools looking to provide some much needed personal development and wellbeing time away from the noise. . OUR PHILOSOPHY ....

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