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A Little Bit About Us

A community driven business providing freeze dried adventure meals and advice to outdoor enthusiasts with a passion for quality food while exploring. Read our "About Us" section in the drop down menu to find out more and how to get involved.

At The Fell Store we are strong believers that you need to choose the right food to fuel you while out exploring.

The best foods to take while you are on an adventure either hiking, kayaking, cycling, camping, mountaineering, climbing, running, snowboarding, skiing, wild swimming, kite-buggying or rock climbing, .... (the list is endless!) are foods that provide sufficient energy to help fill you up without feeling weighed down and lethargic. It is best to choose foods with proteins and complex carbohydrates for energy that lasts all day long, instead of a quick fix energy boost with sugary and fatty options (however, these do have their uses too!) that can make you feel sluggish, heavy and slow.

Whether you prefer the Dehydrated/ Freeze dried options or the Wet Pouch Meals, we are working hard to bring you a wide range to choose from. But how do you choose what is right for you? Head over to our "Food" section to find out more