The Lakes Plastic Collective - "A Little Bit About Us"

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The Lakes Plastic Collective - "A Little Bit About Us"

The Lakes Plastic Collective..


The Lakes Plastic Collective was formed in May 2020 as Covid-19 lockdown restrictions began to ease. One area on the shores of lake Windermere, close to Ambleside was litter picked daily during a good weather spell and a high influx of people in the area, the findings were heartbreaking for such a small space. We then saw similar scenes across several parts of the Lake District..So the collective was formed and the message is: see it, bag it, bin it. 



We work full time at our busy day jobs and live within the Lake District National Park. Our aim is to encourage locals and visitors to help keep the place we all know and love clean and tidy, as it should be. That can either be done by regularly litter picking the same spot, or just popping a bin bag and gloves in your adventure bag and picking any litter up you see along the way. 


We don’t point fingers at who’s to blame, instead we celebrate those who put the work in to clean up and try to educate on the countryside code, so the area remains beautiful for all to enjoy. 


Since starting the Instagram page (@thelakesplasticcollective) we have had huge support both online and with people going out on their own/small groups and litter picking and have recently been on ITV Tonight.
So if you fancy getting involved and helping us save this beautiful place grab your gloves & bin liner and See it, Bag it, Bin it! 


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  • SuSea

    Great to meet you at ODG. Was very inspired by your passion and commitment to tackling this big problem in the Lakes.

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