Stay Home Save Lives

Stay Home Save Lives

In this unprecedented time we are all experiencing, things we would have only ever thought possible in sci-fi movies and fiction books are now part of everyday life.

For some, quarantine is bringing much needed rest and sanctuary, offering the chance to reconnect with family members, reflect, simply be mindful and greatful. Giving us time to do all the little things in life that we don't usually seem to get the time for, like reading that book that you got for Christmas 2 years previous.

For others it is a more challenging time laden with loneliness and financial uncertainty.

Whichever situation you find yourself in, it can only be made easier by reaching out and helping others. Lets rebuild the strength of community and swamp these days with hope. 


"This too shall pass"


Thank you for staying home and saving lives. We will come out of this different people, lets do our best to make those people stronger, positive and more determined. 

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