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Matthew Holland

Hello! I’m Matt, graphic designer, photographer, outdoors guide and journalist and I venture out across the country, no matter the weather leading individuals, groups or testing equipment for brands. So, I live a busy and varied lifestyle which all revolves around being creative and the outdoors.


For the last decade I have worked with the Scouts Organisation and Duke of Edinburgh Award as an outdoors leader. This has taken me across the country with the units, teaching them navigation, camp craft, cooking and equipment which has been incredibly fun and rewarding to help younger generations experience the outdoors, safely.


This work has led to me work with one of the leading outdoors news media sites, MyOutdoors in testing and review equipment as an outdoor journalist.


Combine all this together, a partner who has celiac disease, I’ve had my fair share of experimental cooking and testing food for the outdoors.

I typically go for dehydrated packs as these are the lightest and easiest packs to use. Ideally if I can boil up my water in a pan and add this to the pack, it makes less mess and easier to clean up but some times as a treat, especially in Winter, using bigger packs and multiple pans to cook up a mighty fest is a lovely experience when the weather is poor.


There is nothing more rewarding after a 20 mile hike across the mountains in the Summer sun, brewing up a coffee and digging in to a pouch of food as the sunsets.


No matter the time of the year, a pouch of hot food, be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner makes you feel so much better before and after a long day in the hills.



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