Hand Written Cards Are Making A Comeback!

Hand Written Cards Are Making A Comeback!

wildcamping christmas cards
Wild camping Christmas Card
Christmas cards

The tradition of sending Christmas cards originated back in England in 1843. A busy nobleman didn't have time to send a personal note to his friends to wish them Merry Christmas, so he hired a local artist to paint some ready-made cards that he could send out to friends and family.

Writing a card gives you the chance to wholeheartedly focus on the person you’re writing to, to channel your care into their hands via paper and pen.
There`s nothing more intriguing than going through your mail and seeing a handwritten envelope which isn’t a bill! The good old traditional way of sending communication to each other by putting pen to paper and expressing how you feel at that very moment in time. 
Christmas Cards
It’s a wonderful gesture to show them how you appreciate someone even though you may not have spoken for a while. Even if it’s just to let them know that you’re thinking about them.

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