Forestia ready to eat meals with self heating bags.

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Forestia ready to eat meals with self heating bags.

Love to eat tasty hot meals outside but don't want the hassle of bringing a stove and cook kit? Then this is the perfect solution for you. 
1. Tear open the Heater bag using notch A.
2. Insert unopened meal pouch.
3. Add 50ml of water to the line marked at the bottom of the bag.
4. Fold the Heater bag and run your fingers along the crease to ensure it is properly folded.
5. Place the Heater bag on a slightly leaning surface. Steam will appear in a few seconds. It’s working correctly!
6. Be careful! Heater pack and pouch will be very hot. Handle with care to avoid getting burned and... Enjoy your meal!
Practical, safe and comprehensive. Undoubtedly the most comprehensive product from Forestia by combining the new preserver system (Pouch) with a revolutionary and practical heating system. An economical, safe and practical solution to take with you on your outdoor activities. In just 12 minutes and with no need to light fires or carry heavy gadgets, you’ll be able to eat a plate of hot food at any time. You simply need to choose the recipe that most appeals to you, 50ml of water and the desire to enjoy an authentic meal wherever you are.
Here is forestia's story:
"Ever since we were young, our parents have told us to do what we love. But how do you know what that is?
As years go by the journey has taken us to places we would have never expected, introduced us to people we wouldn’t have met and taught us lessons we’d never have learned.
Forestia is about real food, but mostly it’s about choosing our dreams and learning to know our surroundings with an open heart and a brave spirit.
We are not only what we eat, but where we eat.
Forestia is not just about food: Forestia is about enjoying life and the outdoors.
Forestia is a growing community of outdoor lovers who appreciate good food and enjoy outdoor activities.
We are sure that travelling with you on this adventure will make us stronger. Forestia was born with the commitment to supply quality, natural food to enjoy in the best place to eat: Nature

But we want to be more than that.
Our aim at Forestia is for you to relax and enjoy our meals outdoors, where you can indulge all your senses and enjoy life at its best.
Our quality promise
We do not use more resources than necessary so that all our processes are not just more efficient, but also more effective.
We work exclusively with suppliers who guarantee the highest standards of quality and food safety.
We apply stringent controls that meet current legal requirements in order to over our customers maximum safety on our entire range of products.

We have made every effort to ensure all the materials used in our products are environmentally friendly. All our packaging is 100% recyclable and much of our packaging is made with largely recyclable materials, therefore contributing towards reducing waste and protecting our forests. We actively promote our philosophy with messages on all our packaging and by developing packaging systems that enable our users to quickly clear away all their leftovers. Our meals are heated by employing a special method that heats the food without the need for a stove or fire, thus helping to minimize the risk of fire in the countryside. Forestia, as a Jomipsa company brand, has the ISO 14001 standard and is a member of Ecoembes, a certified organisation working to protect the environment through recycling and designing eco-friendly packaging in Spain.


The Heating Bag - How It Works


Forestia's heating bag is a water-activated heater used to heat food or drinks. You can warm your Forestia meal up in twelve minutes, and you can use it for drinks (like water, milk, coffee, or soup) or other type of food.
Forestia's heater uses a mixture of salts to produce heat and cook packed meals. It is ideal to use in outdoor conditions to heat up your meals without the need of lighting a fire or carrying a stove.
You just need 50 ml of water to activate the heater bag,
pour it inside and wait a few seconds for reaction to work.

Forestia's “Heating Bags are flameless heaters that warm your favourite food and drink up in as little as 12 minutes – all you need is 50ml of water!
Take them on your adventures and forget about having to carry up, camping stoves or other heating devices with you.
They are safer, more comfortable and more practical: not only will you be travelling lighter, but there’s now no need to light dangerous fires in remote locations.


· 15% more powerful
· Without carrying a stove or pan
· Faster activation
· Works with low temperatures

Up to 36 months of shelf life from production.

Just heat, open and eat.

Free from trans fat.

Free from GMO.

Free from preservatives.

The best solution for a rich and delicious meal half-way up a mountain, on the beach or in any remote destination. A solution made entirely with lovers of the great outdoors in mind, exclusively designed to meet the requirements of all adventurers at meal and rest times.

These tasty dishes have been inspired by different cuisines from around the world. Each meal comprises the most characteristic and nutritious ingredients from each place of origin. Each meal possesses the nutritional values required to enjoy any outdoor activity and to recharge your batteries. Forestia offers a range of diverse, nutritious and original recipes, including vegetarian and vegan options. Each of our meals have been created in line with our “Real Food” philosophy: these contain real ingredients, and no water is required for them to be eaten. All you need to do is heat them up, open them and enjoy their flavours."



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