Dave Outdoors - Why I Hike

Dave Outdoors - Why I Hike

Why do I hike and wild camp?
My main focus of hiking and wild camping, was to escape the everyday rush of life.  
I never really grasped how much I relied on the great outdoors, until the UK came tumbling into lockdown. 
Luckily for me, I have some fantastic friends who I do share and enjoy the outdoors with, they were certainly a pick me up at the correct time.
Hiking and wild camping for me, allows me to enjoy the solitude and the open footpaths that lie within our countryside, whilst respecting the landowner's property. One path leads to somewhere different, who knows where you'll end up.
I urge anyone to take this hobby up, or at least try it. Once is enough, for you to be hooked. There are a few rules with wild camping. Arrive late, leave early and #leavenotrace
I try my best to encourage and inspire others to make that first step into the wild by creating videos for YouTube. Which has been really positive and have had some great feedback.
If you would like to check out Dave Outdoors, you will be able to follow my adventures into the mountains. Nothing serious, just a normal guy enjoying the outdoors with some mistakes along the way. Every day is a school day.
Sit back, take a deep breath and enjoy what mother nature has to offer.
David Roberts   
AKA Dave Outdoors
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  • Mooster Outdoors

    I have followed you and you have helped me enjoy life after some bad times thank you Dave your a diamond💚

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