54th OMM -  A Story of Grit and Gourmet Nourishment

54th OMM - A Story of Grit and Gourmet Nourishment

An Epic Adventure at the 54th OMM Challenge: A Story of Grit and Gourmet Nourishment

Welcome back, adventure seekers! Today, we're thrilled to share an exclusive interview with Andy and Kris, two intrepid explorers who recently conquered the 54th Original Mountain Marathon (OMM) challenge, supported by an array of top-notch products from The Fell Store, including Expedition Foods, Real Turmat, Firepot Food, Torq performance drinks, Paddy and Scotts Coffee bags, and the newly introduced, exclusive meals from The Fell Store. Let's delve into their remarkable journey, filled with camaraderie, perseverance, and the delectable sustenance that powered them through every stride.

The Tricky Terrain and Overcoming Adversity

When asked about the most challenging segment of the race, Kris shared, "Hands down for me, the trickiest was Day 1 as I really struggled with cramps after a few hours. As a regular speed hiker, I never suffer from cramps, but maybe the beers the night before at event HQ and not being able to find my electrolytes for Day 1 meant I was dehydrated, and it was a struggle."

Both adventurers encountered slippery ground conditions that led to several comical slips in the mud. "The best moment was seeing Andy thigh deep in a bog !" Despite these hurdles, they maintained their spirits and powered through, exemplifying the resilience that characterizes true adventurers.

Navigating Unexpected Curveballs

Reflecting on unexpected challenges, Kris expressed that their experiences on Day 1 echoed throughout the race, emphasizing the significance of adaptability and perseverance when facing unforeseen obstacles. "I was starving on Day 1 so at 4pm I had The Fell Store's own Jewelled Shawarma (500kal) and my Torq Cookies & Cream Recovery drink. The food was welcomed and the recovery drink was much needed after suffering with cramp all day and even had a couple of hours sleep straight after. Later that night had my Expedition Foods (1,000kal) Spaghetti Bolognaise which warmed me up and helped me sleep through the long night."

Nurturing Mind and Body for the Challenge Ahead

As seasoned outdoor enthusiasts, Kris and Andy shared valuable insights for individuals preparing for the OMM or similar demanding outdoor endeavours. "With any adventure, you need a good level of fitness to start. Set yourself a goal of what you want to achieve and have a good reason for doing it as when times get tough, those things will push you to continue," Kris advised. Both emphasized the importance of choosing a compatible and supportive partner, underscoring the significant role that mutual encouragement and humour play during long, challenging expeditions.

Sustenance for the Journey: The Fell Store's Delectable Offerings

The duo highlighted the vital role of nourishment from The Fell Store, with Kris recalling the rejuvenating effects of the Jewelled Shawarma and Torq Cookies & Cream Recovery drink, which provided the much-needed sustenance after a taxing day. 

"Day 2 started with a lovely Paddy & Scott’s coffee. I’m a bit of a coffee connoisseur and do love coffee bags and these were great. Bonus was Andy had some milk in his bag which was the perfect addition." - Kris

Lessons Learned: The Importance of Electrolytes and Sufficient Snacks

"Electrolytes, electrolytes, and electrolytes!" Kris emphasized, revealing their pivotal role in preventing cramps and replenishing lost salts. The importance of adequate snacks and meal planning emerged as a critical lesson, as both regretted not bringing sufficient snacks for the arduous hours on the trail.

The Power of Solid Planning and Resilience

Can you tell us about a special moment or an awesome experience from the OMM that made you realize the power of never giving up and the magic of working together in tough outdoor missions?

"It was great to meet Andy for the first time and share this event together. Both being YouTubers we had lots to talk about and have lots of banter on the event and both trying to film and encourage each other all the way….it made it. So I guess having a good relationship with the person you’re put in the hills with and being able to communicate is the key. You have to make lots of decisions and plan routes and work together and the OMM will test that. For us it worked great." - Kris 

Their experience underscored the significance of meticulous meal planning and foresight, with Kris advocating for Expedition Foods from The Fell Store, known for their high-calorie content and optimal energy yield. Kris concluded, "Make sure you have your meals planned out and spares and a good solid breakfast. Even some treats or puddings too. A good meal at night warms you up and helps you sleep."

Join the Adventure: Sign up for the 55th OMM in 2024!

For those inspired by Kris and Andy's enthralling experience, the Original Mountain Marathon (OMM) is an annual event that attracts adventure enthusiasts from around the world. The 55th OMM is set to take place in the Southern Highlands on 26th - 27th October 2024, promising another exhilarating opportunity to test your limits in a challenging yet rewarding outdoor adventure.

To participate in the upcoming 55th OMM, visit the official OMM website HERE for more details and registration information. Don't miss the chance to embark on an unforgettable journey of endurance, camaraderie, and the unparalleled thrill of conquering the great outdoors.

In the end, their journey was not solely defined by the rugged landscapes and rigorous challenges but by the enduring bond forged through shared laughter, mutual support, and a common love for adventure. As Kris and Andy proved, with the right preparation, nourishment, and a resilient spirit, any obstacle can be conquered, and every summit can be reached.

Watch Andy's YouTube video HERE and Kris' YouTube videos HERE not forgetting to give them a follow :)

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