Trek N Eat

Doesn’t matter whether you’re on foot, on a boat, in a cabin or summiting a breath-taking peak. The experience helps you feel alive and relaxed... and the food that fuels you plays more than just a supporting role. 

You want natural, lightweight, convenient and easy to prepare – but don’t forget the all-important «yum factor». Trek’n Eat’s freeze-dried meals give you all that and a whole lot more. 

You can count on looking forward to a satisfying, nutritious, well-balanced, re-energising meal that leaves you warm and happy inside. Forget yucky preservatives, artificial colours or flavour enhancers. 

Packed in waterproof, resealable packages, German-made Trek’n Eat delivers the quality and simply delish experience that speaks to your palette.

Self-standing pouch

  1. Laser perforation makes it easy to tear the pouch open even when wearing gloves
  2. Our pouches are easily resealable
  3. A fill line makes it easy to see how much water is needed
  4. Our pouches are self-standing when filled with water