Tuscan Stew - Compostable Pouch

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This mellow, feel-good stew tastes like it’s come straight from an Italian nonna’s kitchen. It's based on Ribollita, a hearty dish popular among Tuscany's traditional farming communities. Warming flavours combine in a slow-cooked sauce with cannellini beans, plenty of cavolo nero and Dorset sourdough bread to soak up the juices. It’s protein-rich, fibre-packed, and easy on the palate after a long day. One of our Firepot kitchen favourites, this vegan stew will make meat-eaters realise what they’re missing out on.

Weight: 120g (regular) 

Calories: 465kcal (regular) 

Water usage: 400ml (regular) 

Ingredients: Cannellini Beans (21%), Cavolo Nero (21%), Tomatoes, Sourdough Bread (13%), Potatoes, Celery, Leeks, Carrots, Olive Oil, Parsley, Salt, Garlic.

Allergens: Wheat, Celery.


Per 100 g Regular (120g)
Energy (kcal) 388 465
Fat 11.7g 14g
  of which saturates 1.7g 2g

Carbohydrate 50g 60g
  of which sugars 7.7g 9.2g
Fibre 11.7g 14g
Protein 15g 18g
Salt 2.5g 3g