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Being prepared is always key when in nature. It is recommended that individuals carry a whistle on trips to remote areas. 

Whistles are much louder than the human voice and their sound carries much further than shouting if you need help.

Even in situations where yelling for help isn't possible, if you can breathe, you can blow this whistle.

Whistles can be used to signal to others around you that you are in need of help, and will assist search and rescue teams in locating you if you are lost.

Two blasts = Used to signal a halt during a sound and light search.

Three or six blasts = I need help! (distress, emergency)

Four blasts = Come to me (recall)

The Whistle is an essential item for people in the outdoors - six short blasts followed by a minutes' pause is the standard UK signal for 'help' (although some people do use three short blasts instead). If you hear someone else signalling, you should respond with three short blasts and continue signalling until you find each other.

These whistles are not only practical for safety, but can also be used for activities like dog training.

These whistles are made by a small family run business based in the Scottish Borders and pride their selves in leading the way in quality for over 60 years.

Everything is made totally by hand, using many of their own traditional methods that have been past down for many years and have been inspired by their beautiful surroundings and the love of the wild including their travels to the rugged and unspoiled Scottish highlands.

Over the years they have come to know many estates in the Highlands and much of their Red Deer Antlers come from these estates plus other suppliers they know who regularly collect in April the naturally shed Scottish Red Deer Antlers from the wild hills and glens off the Scottish Highlands.

All the Red Deer Antler used are naturally shed and is a natural process that the Deer go though every year in April/May and no deer are harmed.

Roughly 4cm.

Key ring included

As this is a natural material, colours and sizes may vary slightly.