Instant Cocoa Drink Powder

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Smooth and creamy instant hot chocolate powder mix single serve sachets by Van Houten.

Just add 160ml hot water for the perfect chocolaty drink.

UTZ Certified - The UTZ label stands for more sustainable farming and better opportunities for farmers, their families, and our planet. The UTZ certification program enables farmers to use better farming methods, grow better crops, and generate more income.

 "With an insatiable thirst for the divine, we have both pioneer and set the standard of cocoa based drinks since our invention of the cocoa press back in 1828. Combining the rich history, commitment to quality and innovative spirit, we constantly help our customers to reach new heights of heavenly indulgence." - Van Houten

Van Houten has been manufacturing cocoa powder since 1828, when its founder, Coenraad Van Houten, pioneered a process to manufacture cocoa in Amsterdam, Holland. The result was a tastier and more soluble cocoa powder which spurred the growth of the hot chocolate drink industry.

As with any other food product – the quality of a chocolate starts with the ingredients. The purer the cocoa and the more natural the other ingredients are, the better the chocolate.

It all starts with the cocoa beans, which grow on the cocoa trees in tropical jungles from Brazil, to Indonesia, to the Ivory Coast and Ghana and are harvested by hand. The beans, which are the seeds of the cocoa tree fruit, are removed from their pods and placed in large piles to ferment for about a week. During this time the shells harden, the beans darken, and the rich cocoa flavour develops.

Cocoa beans from different countries each have a distinct flavour. Every chocolate maker uses his or her own special blend to create their unique recipe.


Cocoa beans are roasted in large, revolving roasters at very high temperatures. A special hulling machine then takes the dry, roasted cocoa beans and separates the shell from the inside of the bean - called the “nib.” This is the part of the bean actually used to make chocolate. The nibs then are ready for milling, a grinding process which turns the nibs into smooth liquid called chocolate liquor - which, by the way, contains no alcohol.

The main ingredients in chocolate are the chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, sugar and milk which are blended together into a mixture. The mixture is dried into a coarse, brown powder called chocolate crumb, which is then further ground and refined until it becomes a thick liquid called chocolate paste.

The paste is poured into huge vats called conches, where the gritty particles are smoothed out from the crumb. This process can take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours.

Finally the paste is tempered or cooled in a controlled manner to the right texture and consistency.



Sugar, Glucose syrup, Fat reduced cocoa powder (15%), vegetable fat (coconut),  Skimmed milk powder, Milk protein, Salt, Stabiliser (E340, E452), Anti caking agent (E551), Flavouring, Emulsifier (E481) 

Nutrition per 100g

Energy 1700 kJ/ 410 kcal, Fat 11g of which are saturates 9.7g, Carbohydrates 71g of which are sugars 58g, Protein 6.4g, Salt 0.8g.