Rice Pudding with Strawberry

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Rice pudding is a great taste of home and a fantastic comfort food. Our Rice Pudding with Strawberry is no exception. In any situation and during any adventure, getting to take a moment to relax and recharge with some familiar favourites makes this Rice Pudding with Strawberry dish the perfect camping or adventure food. Delicious, creamy rice pudding combines with tangy and tasty strawberry pieces to create a wonderful pudding that’s perfect for treating yourself at the end of a busy day of exploring.

All of our fantastic desserts are created using the freshest ingredients before they are freeze-dried. This means that we know all our dishes taste great first before they’re ready to be freeze dried. This helps us to lock in all that flavour and nutrition you’d come to expect from a home-cooked meal.

Freeze drying also means that each of our meal pouches weigh much less than conventional adventure food. Because of this, bringing along some of your favourite meals and desserts while on even the longest of expeditions is easy even if space is really at a premium.

As well as being easily stored, we make sure that preparing your meal is simple too. Whether you need to be ready to be back on the move quickly, or you’ve had an exhausting day and you want something quick and easy, you’ll always find time to enjoy our meals and desserts. Just add water to rehydrate the ingredients and you will have a sumptuous meal that is ready to eat in less than 10 minutes. Perfect as a snack or as a treat at the end of day, you could also enhance your meal further with a handful of our delicious freeze-dried fruit to bulk the meal out more and create an even tastier fruity treat.


Long Grain White Rice (77%), Single Cream (Milk), Whole Milk, Sugar, Ground Rice, Freeze Dried Diced Strawberry (1%)