Fairtrade Mediterranean Coffee bags

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The Fairtrade Mediterranean Coffee bags is a John Watt & Son favourite, and our customers are big fans too. We are now happy to be able to offer Fairtrade Mediterranean coffee bags! More convenient than a cafetiere or a filter, you just pop the bag in a cup, like a teabag, and add freshly boiled water and then leave to brew! Voila!

Each pack contains 10 individual coffee bags.

Fairtrade Mediterranean is a firm favourite French roast (also known as a Full City Roast), which delivers a strong and smooth coffee with a rich and solid flavour. In addition, the tiniest hint of bitterness can be detected by the tongue. However, this is a bitterness that we feel compliments the overall flavour profile of the brew, which really does provide the drinker with a more-than-satisfying experience.

Colombia is the origin of the Arabica beans used for our Fairtrade Mediterranean coffee bags. More specifically, it comes from the highly esteemed Antioquia/Medellin estates.

The varieties are the tried and trusted Bourbon and Typica, the beans of which were processed through washing and sun-drying.