John Watt 1865 Coffee Bags

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Freshly roasted  John Watt 1865 is  our original house coffee blend  which we have roasted nearly every day since we opened in 1865. This understated  blend generates amazing feedback for this blend a secret recipe which we keep very close to our chests.

John Watt 1865 blend is a medium roast coffee that works perfectly in these coffee bags to enjoy when you are out and about on your explorations and adventures.

In fact if you walk into our café in Bank Street, Carlisle and ask for “just a coffee” this is what you will get! A smooth blend with a medium body and a nutty aftertaste this coffee is perfect for drinking all day and every day because we can be sure this coffee is always freshly roasted.

Brewing Instructions:

Place bag in cup or mug. Add water. Leave to brew for 3 - 5 mins. Enjoy!

Each pack contains 10 x Coffee bags. All of which are compostable.