Paddy and Scott's 'Brew Bag' Decaffeinated Coffee Bags

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Best Before Nov 2023

It's like a tea bag.......But Coffee.

Decaffeinated Medium Roast for silky smooth yet satisfyingly bold extraction and flavour.

The most convenient way to get your morning hit of ambition. Simply drop one of these bad boys into a cup add some water and you've got yourself a damn fine cup of coffee without the need for grinding, weighing, measuring, French pressing, espressoing, extracting or stressing.

Each of our original craft coffees are designed from source. Meaning from crop to cup we’ve been there every step of the way. Fastidiously curating the flavour profile of each batch, to ensure consistency and a coffee we’re proud to put our wings on.

Our Brew bags are fully compostable and can even be directly used as fertiliser in your garden or house plant pots. The earth gives us our beautiful coffee, the least we can do is protect it.

10x individual Brew Bags packaged in water proof packaging. Perfect for slipping into your adventure bag, office draw (for when you need more than the standard instant office coffee) your car (perfect for the break down emergency box)

Try a sample of these tasty coffee bags by selecting "1" on the drop down menu. 1 Brew Bag