Beef Stroganoff (self heating bag included)

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Classic beef stroganoff on a hearty creamy sauce with mushrooms and poached onions on a bed of long grain and wild rice.


Forestia's “Heating Bags are flameless heaters that warm your favourite food and drink up in as little as 12 minutes – all you need is 50ml of water!
Take them on your adventures and forget about having to carry up, camping stoves or other heating devices with you.
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Sauce (35%) (water, sour cream, butter, salt, dairy protein, modified corn starch, emulsifier (E-472e), stabilizer (E-415), tarragon, black pepper and nutmeg)
long grain and rice (30%), lean beef (20%), pre-fried mushroom 810%) (mushroom and sunflower oil), poached onion (5%) (onion, sunflower oil and caramel)

May contain traces of gluten and milk
Hight Protein content

Free from trans fats, Go, preservatives, artificial colouring and flavourings.


· Energy value: 119 kcal-498 kj / 416.5 kcal-1741 kj
· Fat: 6.1 g/ 21.4g of which saturates 3.3g/ 11.6g
· Carbohydrate: 9.1g / 31.9g of which sugars: 0.7g /2.5g
· Dietary fibre: 1.5g / 5.3g
· Protein: 7.7g/27g
· Salt: 1.1g /3.9g


Pouch: Just the pouch (without heater). The meal inside is ready to be heated and tuck into with your spoon.
Weight: 350 gr.
Dimensions: Height 22cm x Width 15cm x Depth: 3 cm