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The Fell Store Story
Do you know that feeling when there's something inside that doesn’t quite fit?

Well, that was my life for the last decade. Chasing the dream that promised so much, money, cars, designer clothes, luxury holidays and huge homes. Forever juggling the debts and killing myself trying to have that pile of things that never seemed deliver on their promise.

But one day everything came crashing down and I lost everything. Starting from below ground level, I have spent the last few years working through what actually brings me happiness. Through many struggles, hours of reading, listening to podcasts, searching, mentorship and digging deep I finally found what makes me happy. As I escaped from the clamber of life I started taking walks into The Lake District. All the stunning beauty, the personal challenge, the endless possibilities, things that were always right in front of my eyes but I never saw them. In silent beauty, The Lake District, laid there on the horizon for years and I never really paid attention. It took the darkest of days to make me truly open my eyes to what was freely accessible on my doorstep and it was breath takingly beautiful.

Starting with little road trips, parking up for a brew and to take a few pictures, my love for this place grew rapidly. The feeling of euphoria I experienced when climbing to the top of these peaks beats any other stimulant you can find. The more I researched the more I started to understand the power of walking and being in nature and how it can truly strengthen your physical and mental health.
The Fell Store Hannah outlook
The greatest feeling I have ever experienced is waking up on the side of Haystacks in a safe sturdy tent, watching the sunrise over Buttermere. No wonder Alfred Wainwright loved this place so much. My eyes were finally opened and that weekend changed my life. My heart finally knew where it was meant to be. This place with it's hills, woodland and lakes, it's character changing with the seasons, the joy it's freedom brings cannot just be talked about but must be experienced.
The Fell Store Hannah and Ramsay
Together we will share knowledge, passion and experience and the excitement for getting out in nature and appreciating this truly magnificent and beautiful part of England.

Keep an eye out for more content. I hope my story will inspire and please feel free to get in touch to share your own experience or to find help in finding your own story! 
The Fell Store Hannah Sunset Blencathra
Together we will learn and grow. If anything, the recent circumstances have made us appreciate the meaningful things in life and how important and powerful our circle of friendship is.

Let's help each other enjoy every inch of this beautiful country we are so blessed to call home. 
The Fell Store Haystacks