Wayfayrer ready to eat rations are simple to use and they provide you with a tasty balanced outdoor meal that will keep you going no matter the extremes. Our meals are delicious, nutritious and taste just like home cooked food.

All of our ingredients have been selected to enable us to provide you with a range of meals that help maintain your energy levels and keep you going. Wayfayrer meals don’t use any artificial preservatives, colours or flavours and each meal is prepared to deliver an optimum balance of taste, texture and energy delivery.

Our carefully controlled cooking process provides you with a meal that can be stored without the need of a fridge or freezer. Each meal comes in a durable multi laminate foil barrier pouch that is designed to ‘lock in’ the flavour and keep the product safe without relying on added preservatives.

We achieve this by maintaining the products natural moisture level during the steam cooking stage. Our outdoor meals are pre-cooked and ready to go and can be heated on a stove for a tasty camp side meal or eaten hot straight from the pouch.

With our meals being pre-cooked you can even eat them cold, so in scenarios where you may not have access to a stove, you know you don’t have to go hungry with Wayfayrer.

Official Food of the Duke of Edinburgh Award