#SaveDartmoor - The Fell Store's Promise

#SaveDartmoor - The Fell Store's Promise

To help support the appeal of the Dartmoor Wild Camping Ban, The Fell Store promise to donate 20p for each and every full priced meal purchased between now and 31st Aug 2023. 


3 ways you can support the appeal of the Dartmoor Wild Camping Ban ruling from the High Court:

STEP 1: Donate! This is to cover costs of the upcoming appeal (this is a protected donation via an official charity route - The Dartmoor Preservation Society -see below for more details)
STEP 2: Share! Adding the just giving link to any social media posts.
STEP 3: Post! Tonight at 6pm we are going hard launch! Post a photo on your feed with #savedartmoor as the tag line, write about this appeal, how important appealing the Dartmoor ban is and why we need to take further legal action. Explain why wildcamping is important to you and should be preserved for future generations
"The Dartmoor Preservation Association (DPA) was founded in 1883 to help look after Dartmoor – an area in south-west England which contains some of the finest landscapes in the country. It is one of the oldest environmental or amenity bodies in the UK.
It was founded in 1883 amidst concerns that land management of Dartmoor by the Duchy of Cornwall and others was threatening to extinguish the ancient rights of commoners on the moor. Interest in Dartmoor’s landscape, archaeology and natural history had been rapidly increasing through the latter half of the nineteenth century and the formation of a watchdog organisation seemed to be a prudent step to take.
For nearly one hundred and forty years the DPA has fought threats to Dartmoor. Its achievements are best summed up in the foreword to a history of the organisation, written by the great campaigner Lady Sylvia Sayer, granddaughter of one of the DPA’s earliest members, Robert Burnard, and at different times the Hon. Secretary, Chairman and Patron:
“We won many battles…and one can walk on Dartmoor today and rejoice to see a central area without a once threatened reservoir, a tor without the ugly radar installation that once disfigured it, a fine stretch of moorland rich in historic sites not buried under a mountain of china clay waste, a sweep of southern Dartmoor without the pylons that the Electricity Board wanted to put there, another moorland free of commercial afforestation – and many other “rescues” in which the DPA played an indispensably leading part.”
Although the way that Dartmoor is managed has changed beyond recognition since those early days, the DPA still maintains a strong interest in archaeology and the ecology of the moor. Our members are active in helping to preserve artefacts and to improve habitats. We also maintain a watchful eye on proposed development in the area.
The creation of Dartmoor National Park in 1951 provided a strong assurance of the degree of protection to be afforded to this area. These days, the DPA maintains a strong and close relationship with the Dartmoor National Park Authority and seeks to act in the capacity of “critical friend”. Through our relationships with DNPA and many other local organisations we influence the formulation of policy to manage Dartmoor and participate in actions to conserve its special qualities for posterity. The DPA became a registered charity in 1963.

Support the backpack camping appeal

The Dartmoor Preservation Association is backing Dartmoor National Park Authority in its appeal against a ban on backpack camping. We wish to see a rights-based not a permission-based system on Dartmoor.

How are we helping? 
We are acting as the focus for donations which we will then transfer to the national park to offset the legal costs of an appeal. (The original case will have cost the National Park around £100,000 to give you an idea of scale).
How will the donations be used?
  • We will use them to fund the National Park Authority’s appeal against the backpack camping ban.
  • These funds will only be for future appeal costs not for costs of the original judgement in this case in Jan 23.
  • Until the costs of the appeal are known we will hold these donations ringfenced. This could be until late 2023.
To donate visit our JustGiving site" - text from DPA website
With people and organisations such as DPA, Right to Roam, The Stars Are Ours, Muddy Bootlaces, Mullionvagrant and Weekend_hiker among many others, we CAN make a difference.

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