Outdoor Provisions - We're For The Fresh-Air-Heads!

Outdoor Provisions - We're For The Fresh-Air-Heads!

The Outdoor Provisions Story

If you’ve ever been on a really long bike ride, (could be a long run, walk or paddle) one that feels like it has gone on forever, you’ll know that the conversation with your fellow rider can drift. High on fresh air you pass the time discussing life plans, dinner plans, places you’d like to visit, regrets, or businesses you could set up.

If the conversation drifts with the right person, you might just end up acting on one of these whims and before you know it, you’ve set up a company together. That’s paraphrasing, but isn’t a million miles from how Outdoor Provisions came about.

It was clear from sometime during that ride that the newly formed Outdoor Provisions would always be intrinsically linked to the outdoors. In keeping with that, we established a set of signposts to keep us on the path we set out on. If we’re not addressing these three things, we’re going the wrong way.

Our offerings will be developed specifically for use outside and must be fit for that environment.

We will always be as low impact as possible, considered and progressive - from products, to packaging, to process.

We will use profits to give back to organisations and initiatives that protect and enable the outdoors.

We’re for the fresh-air-heads

That’s us, essentially. Not the fastest or leanest or slaves to only one pursuit, but compelled to be out of doors, amongst it, with dirt under our fingernails and a horizon in sight. Seeking to tip the work life balance in favour of life, in favour of sport, sweat and heightened heart rates.


Dependable. Portable. Tasty.

Dependable means an all natural bar that you can rely on for a balanced release of energy, that's easy to digest and made in the UK.

Portable is a product you can’t not take with you. One that travels well and arrives at its point of need intact, fresh and ready to sustain, in a wrapper that can be added to your household compost.

Tasty is unique flavours inspired by UK national parks and that aren’t sickly sweet, with a texture suited to being eaten during activity.

Let’s take this outside

Is this a serving suggestion? Or an invitation to have a bit of a scrap? More like an instruction of use really, and where we’d rather be. We’re launching Outdoor Provisions with energy bars but have visions that go much further - watch this space.




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