Give the gift of adventure this Christmas.


Give the gift of adventure this Christmas.

Give the gift of adventure this Christmas.

Adventures don't need to mean hours of prep or an expedition to conquer a huge feat.

Adventures are what you make of them.

A quiet coffee in the corner of a field with a blanket and a book.

Breakfast on a bench watching the sunrise through the trees.

Walking through the crashing waves on the shore admiring the sea birds overhead.

Collecting brightly coloured leaves that have fallen to the woodland floor.

Adventures can mean making your heart race by running up a mountain if you wish, or simply just allowing yourself some quiet time to contemplate.

A small thing like a dehydrated meal holds the promise of adventure and excitement of where it will take you. Kept in a car, bag, draw or cupboard waiting to be swept away out into the wild.

Lunch in the park to get the kids away from the TV.

A warm fulfilling meal on a building site on a cold day.

A quiet hotel room meal with a city view from the window after a long day travelling for work.

Breakfast in bed on a lazy Sunday morning.

Whatever you give this Christmas, give the gift of adventure, hope and promise.

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